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Introduction to Our Services:

Welcome to Bigo Help Independent Customer Service. We provide many services that meet your needs as a user of Bigo Live on behalf of you. Professionally and around the clock. We understand and know your needs well.

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Recover.jpg Bigo Live Account:

If someone hacking, stolen or lost access to your account, you can request this service to recover.jpg your account and get it back.

Change Phone Number In Bigo live:

If your associate phone number with your Bigo live account has been expired, inaccessible or someone else got it, you can request this service to change associate phone number to a new phone number.

Create Bigo Live Family Group:

Create your own Family Group in Bigo Live as a leader and invite your friends to join you. Fight with your family members to reach top of monthly leaderboard.

Change Bigo ID - Bigo ID Modify:

Change Bigo ID service allows you to change your Bigo Live account ID to a new one, or reset it to the original ID numbers.

Bigo Live Account For Sale:

The Bigo Live account purchase service allows you to buy a high-level account easily, safely and directly and at a very cheap price which saves you a lot of money to reach this level.

Unblock Bigo Live Account:

If your account got banned/blocked (Class A permanent or Class B temporary) due to breaking Bigo live community rules. You can request this service unblock/unbanned your account and get back to Bigo live.

Download Bigo Live App APK:

You can now download official versions of Bigo Live app as APK file, so you can experience all new feature included special updates before come in public on iTunes, Google Play and AppGallery before everyone.

Register As Broadcaster In Bigo Live:

Be a broadcaster today and gain charming famous and get paid monthly may upto 3000$ per month.

Register As Agent In Bigo Live:

Become an agent and bring new broadcasters around the world, get paid upto 20% of every broadcaster salary per month. What you waiting for?

What is Bigo Live ?

Bigo Live is a Live streaming platform for smartphones such as iPhone and Android devices, Bigo Live lets users to share their streaming as a video stream or Audio Live (Radio) with other users and the visitors anytime anywhere directly from their smartphones (Phone devices).

What is Family in Bigo Live ?

Bigo Live Family Group is a group of members who support each other to reach their monthly target or (goals), it's also they helping each other making plans for their next streaming and how they can get more followers, supporters and making challenges with other families in Bigo Live platform.